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Hi, I'm Bree West


New Leadership Delivering Judicial Integrity, Fairness, and Competence for Our Community.

I have been practicing law in the Dallas metroplex for more than 10 years.  I began my career as a prosecutor with the Dallas County District Attorney's Office and had the opportunity to encounter all varieties of cases.  I learned the importance of creating a balance between accountability and punishment with fairness and compassion.  I saw firsthand many of the issues our community faces when addressing crime and when our citizens have contact with the criminal justice system.  I witnessed the way in which the judicial system is broken from the inside and the dangers of having unbalanced experience on the bench.  I witnessed judicial bias, unfairness and inexperience.  What I observed as a prosecutor laid the foundation for my decision to leave the District Attorney's Office and become a defense attorney primarily serving the indigent community.  

For the last several years I have been in private practice as a defense attorney serving this community.  I have gained a greater understanding of how unbalanced our system is and a deeper appreciation for the need to ensure our community elects Judges who are fair, balanced and serve with compassion.​

I fundamentally believe that everyone deserves fair treatment in our system.  I believe each part of the judicial system: The Judge, the defense attorney and the Prosecutor, play a role in creating the balance necessary for our system to work. I believe that when any one part of the juridical system fails, the entire system fails, however most significantly, inexperienced, unfair, or biased Judges ensure the total failure of an already fragile system.

I am running for Judge because I understand the unique importance of the role that balance plays in our system.  The balance of having been both a prosecutor and a defense attorney; the balance of having the fortitude to make hard decisions in the face of difficult circumstances, and; the balance of having the courage to see hope in all of our communities.

Join me in Being Apart of the Change!  Join me in ensuring integrity, fairness, and competence return to our Courts!

Join me by Voting Bree West for the 204th Judicial District Court.

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